Location and Arrival Information


El Numero 8 is located in the heart of the Albayzin. This is the oldest neighborhood of Granada, and one of the oldest in Europe. It is located on a hillside that overlooks the Alhambra Palace situated on the opposing hill. It is a very historic and beautiful area, with small winding cobblestone streets that lead to countless plazas and squares with their fountains.
From many of the plazas you will find spectacular views out across to the Alhambra and the mountains beyond. Having existed before the city of Granada, the Albayzin has its own markets, stores, restaurants and bars. It is like a picturesque rural village that exists right above a bustling city. A bustling, historic and also beautiful European city that is only two minutes walk downhill from the house.

So if you ask if we are in the center of Granada, well yes, but even better. Once you get here you will be amazed at how close El 8 is to everything and how far modern civilization feels when you are here!

Arriving to the House

This information is here to help you.Please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth check-in and avoid wasting your time or that of the Innkeeper.  We organize our day around our guest´s arrivals, so please let us know as soon as you can what time you are arriving to Granada so we can be available to receive you.  We also ask you to be in touch when you are in Granada and on your way.

Due to El Numero 8 being located in a pedestrian neighbourhood where the only way to the house is on foot through windy cobblestone streets we offer a pick up process to help you get to the house.  If you are traveling with GPS on your phone, you can also find the house on your own if you prefer.  Just ask us for exact positioning.

If you would like us to help you get to the house, we meet you at Aljibe de las Tomasas.  It is a point where taxis can get to, and we walk with you to the house from there.  You cannot get to the meeting point in car unless you are a resident.

Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at Aljibe de las Tomasas, on Callejón de las Tomasas. Please wait for us where you are dropped off to avoid getting lost.

It is about a 3 minutes walk downhill from the pick up point to the house and there are many steps to go down so we recommend if possible that you bring luggage that can be carried for your own convenience.

Remember, you must ALWAYS call us when you have arrived in Granada and are on your way to the pick up point.

Arrival Info to the Pick Up Point

Via Public Transport to Granada

Madrid. If you are coming from Madrid International Airport take the metro or taxi to Estación Sur, Mendez Alvaro, bus station and then take a bus to Granada. Train is also an option but is normally much more expensive and doesnt run as often as the bus. The bus website is www.alsa.es

Malaga. If you are coming from Malaga International Airport the best way to come is via bus. This is a very frequent service with a journey time of less than 2 hours, there are now direct buses from the Malaga airport as well.  All the information and tickets at www.alsa.es

Barcelona. If you are coming from Barcelona International Airport, you can take another plane to Granada´s domestic airport, or take a fast train to Madrid, and then bus to Granada. Bus directly from Barcelona is very slow and expensive. There are also trains but you need to reserve far in advance. Train website is www.renfe.es

Sevilla. Other than by car, you can trake a train or a bus.  Train is nice, but there are fewer, www.renfe.es The bus website is www.alsa.es

Granada (Domestic) Airport. From Granada Airport (18 km. south of Granada) take the airport-to-Granada bus which is only 3 Euros per person, further instructions below.  Or take a taxi directly to the pick up point (see below). The taxi is usually around 35 Euros.

Granada Bus Terminal. Once you arrive at Granada Bus Terminal, you can catch a taxi or a city bus, follow directions on this page. Because you have to change buses, the taxi is not much more expensive and is worth the extra Euro or two.

Granada Train Station. Once you arrive at Granada Train Station (Renfe), you can catch a taxi or a city bus. Due to having to change buses it is much easier and much faster to take a taxi. There is no bus leaving directly from the train station, you have to walk down the street to Avenida de la Constitución to catch it. Follow directions for city bus or taxi on this page.

By taxi

From Granada Bus Terminal, Granada Train Station or Granada Airport:
1. Please call us before taking the taxi so that we may greet you upon your arrival at (0034) 610 32 22 16.
2. Take a taxi directly to the pick up point Aljibe de las Tomasas (Al-heebay de las Toe-masas) in the Albayzin.  Tell the Taxi driver it is the stop to go to El Aljibe de las Tomasas en el Callejon de las Tomasas en el Albayzin.  Please wait for us and from here we will take you down to the house.

The number for the Taxi company if you need to call one is 958 280 654

By car

Getting to Granada by car may be convenient but driving around in the city is far from that, it becomes a frustration almost immediately. Most of the historic area, is almost entirely pedestrian or restricted traffic with many traffic cameras happy to take your money to help our town hall cover expenses. Do yourself a favour and leave your car as soon as possible, leave the traffic behind and enjoy the tranquility of the world by foot.
There are many Parking garages all over Granada.  But a warning the the closer to the center you get the more complex it is to drive around and the more expensive they are.

One of the the easiest to get to is Severo Ochoa, it is 18euros a day. The cheapest in the city center is Parking Arabial at 15euros a day (they also have special weekend and week long rates).

If you prefer to leave you car on the street, you can try around the central bus station as there is plenty of public transport from there to get here.  Another option is above the Albayzin on the Carretera de Murcia and the surrounding streets.  But parking on the street is at your own risk.

No matter where you leave your car, you need to be in touch with us when you have parked and are on the way to Aljibe de las Tomasas or directly to the house.

By city bus

From the Granada Bus Terminal: It is necessary to take two buses to arrive to the pick up point.  Please keep us informed of where you are so we can avoid any unncessary waits and ensure a smooth arrival.
 (0034) 610 32 22 16

  1. Take the SN1 bus to the Cathedral
  2. At the Cathedral stop take the mini bus C1 to the stop Aljibe de las Tomasas
  3. Wait for us at this bus stop and we will meet you here to head down to the house together on foot.

From Granada Airport:

  1. Take airport-to-city bus to Granada and get off at the Cathedral stop.
  2. At the Cathedral please be in touch to let us know you are near by (0034) 610 32 22 16.
  3. Take a taxi or the mini bus C1 to Aljibe de las Tomasas.
  4. We will meet you at the Aljibe de las Tomasas and head down to the house by foot.