Concept and Pricing Philosophy


The concept of El Numero 8 is very Simple:

To offer an authentic, affordable accommodation in a historic environment.

Philosophy of Pricing:

As fellow travellers ourselves, we have a philosophy of not taking advantage of other travellers just because they are looking for an interesting and nice place to stay. We set out prices relative to what we think is a reasonable amount to pay for what you are getting here. We fix our prices so we can cover our expenses and make enough to continue travelling ourselves and further our other musical and environmentally based projects.

If you are thinking that because we have lower prices than many of places in the area that this must be a dirty, poorly run guesthouse, well, just come and surprise yourself. Surprise yourself by seeing that what we show on the website is what you get. That you can stay in a place where you will leave satisfied with what you received for the price you paid.

Yes, I know it is a strange thing in this day and age to find a balance between what you pay and what you get, but don´t you think it is about time to start changing the way things are in this "day and age"?

Well, this is our attempt to do so.

Environmental Practices

Due to the amount of guests that come through the house and the environmental impact that has, we have adopted the following practices to help lessen this impact. We hope that if you come to stay with us you will participate in these practices to help us in creating a more sustainable relationship with the natural world.

  • Solar Power for hall lighting and elements of the El 8 office equipment
  • Energy saving lightbulbs
  • Energy saving radiators
  • Low consuming gas water heaters
  • Recycle boxes in all apartments for paper, plastic and glass brought in by the guests
  • Linen changes done only on check out, unless requested by guests, to save on water and detergent use
  • Hanging the linen out to dry in the sun instead of using a machine dryer
  • Water saving toilets in most apartments
  • Signs asking guests to help us in minimizing our impact
  • Using the income of the house to support our own environmentally focused music recording project, Wapapura Sustainable Sounds

Thanks for reading through all of this and we hope to see you here or somewhere out there on the trail

Rafa, Javi and the El 8 team...

Rafa at daybreak